NCG’s Liz Bromley Reflects on the impact of Covid-19 in Collab Group Report

“The digital divide has shone a very harsh spotlight on societal differences, societal expectations, and a whole generation of young people who’ve been really disadvantaged because they simply don’t have access to the space, the technology or the bandwidth.” - Liz Bromley, NCG CEO

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the daily lives of everyone across the world and those working and studying in further education have seen challenges exclusive to them.

Over the last few months, Collab Group have interviewed CEOs and Principals from Collab Group colleges right across the FE sector about how the pandemic has impacted the day-to-day running of colleges, the immediate and long-term effect on students and what they think the lasting impact may be.

CEO of NCG Liz Bromley was given the opportunity to take part and talks about the digital poverty that many students across the UK found themselves in as colleges closed and moved to remote learning.

Read Liz’s thoughts and the rest of the conversations in a report from Collab Group that reflects on some of the shared experiences and key lessons learned here.