NCG Backs Newcastle Bid to bring Great British Railways headquarters to the North East

Newcastle City Council is bidding to bring the new Great British Railways Headquarters to the region. 

Britain’s railways are embarking on a major, once-in-a-generation reform and the new public body, Great British Railways (GBR) will integrate the railways, owning the infrastructure, collecting fare revenue, running, and planning the network, and setting most fares and timetables.

The bid to locate the headquarters here in the region is being led by Invest Newcastle, part of the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative (NGI) and is the city’s submission to a competition, launched by the government, to find a location for the GBR headquarters outside of London.

Newcastle College’s one of a kind Rail and Civil Engineering Academy is renowned for delivering some of the UK’s most true to life training in the rail and civil engineering sector and NCG Chief Executive, Liz Bromley said:

“NCG wholly supports the bid for the GBR HQ to be in our city. We have ambition, and a regeneration scheme as well as the critical asset of a fantastic training facility for Great British Railways to meet skills demands in a changing future for transport.

“The Levelling Up White Paper provides the blueprint for both physical and intangible capitals to be expanded in the North East; Newcastle’s confident social capital, evidenced by truly place-based collaboration, underpins this bid. It is absolutely the time to move power, resource, and influence from the South to the North, and the Newcastle bid builds on a city transformation that is already underway.

“The GBR HQ will be the catalyst for further regeneration and investment at the historic Stephenson Quarter site, while the physical presence of the HQ will evidence the government’s commitment to placing the heart and strategic leadership of a large national institution in the North East.”

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